DoPhin H100 Hanging Filter 350 L/H For Tank Up To 30cm

Out Of Stock DoPhin H100 Hanging Filter 350 L/H For Tank Up To 30cm

DoPhin H100 is a mechanical and biological filtration in one system that improves water clarification which work 350 L/H. The filter is perfect for both freshwater and marine tank.

Key Features:

  • Special carbon cartridge to purify water and remove odor
  • Offer housing compartment for the biological bacteria
  • Bio cartridge enhances biological filtration and guaranties optimum colonization of nitrifying bacteria
  • Easy to use, just fill up water and plug on
  • Easy maintenance and effective performance
  • Replace a new carbon cartridge for every 2 months to achieve best result
Filter & Pump Specs
  • 220V - 240V | 50Hz
  • 3W
Max Output
  • 350 L/H
Water Flow Adjuster
  • Dial Switch
Filter Media Included
  • Activated Carbon Cartridge
  • 11.5cm x 9cm x 16cm
  • Suction tube can be extended between 16cm and 22cm
Plug Type
  • Type C
Tank Size
  • For tank up to 30cm
  • Brand: DoPhin
  • Product Code: 9816804010738
  • Weight: 0.400 kg
  • Vol. Weight: 17.000 L X 11.500 W X 16.000 H
  • Availability: Out Of Stock
  • RM20.50